By using this system you agree to certain rules mainly to abide by laws that govern the use of mobile or stationary scanners; to include United States Federal Law, Wisconsin Law and other laws that may apply to you depending on your location. If you are not familiar with laws pertaining to scanners please visit the following site created by Todd L. Sherman/KB4MHH - Mobile Scanner & RADAR Detector Laws In The U.S. or contact us should you have any further questions prior to use.

This site is NOT affiliated to any of the agencies which are being broadcast, or any other agency.

There are many people that have an interest in listening to the radio waves through the use of expensive scanners. This site is only intended to provide a free alternative to listen to Columbia County Fire/Rescue/Police. You assume all responsibility by using this site and hold no one else liable for any loss as a result of your use the system, you further signify that you agree to indemnify, defend and hold this website and our partners harmless from/against any liability, loss, damages, claims or causes of action, arising out of your use of the site.

This system is designed just as if you had your own scanner in your hand; you are responsible for any applicable laws pertaining to scanning. If you are not familiar with scanning laws please become familiar with them and abide by them (Again a great resource is the following site created by Todd L. Sherman/KB4MHH - Mobile Scanner & RADAR Detector Laws In The U.S.) During use of the online feeds if you happen to hear a broadcast that should not be on this system please report it immediately so we can take corrective measures. 11H and police tactical channels are not scanned, to protect patient privacy and officer safety. This is not a required security measure as it is in fact public information.

This feed is also NOT setup in such a way to decode any radio transmission such as a secure or encrypted channel. All of the transmissions you hear with this system are done so in the clear.

This system is NOT for emergency or illegal use; it is for informational & educational purposes only. If you are found to have misused the site for any reason you risk being banned from the site and some actions can result in criminal charges.

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